Sunday, January 8, 2012

Post #101

I totally forgot to celebrate my 100th post! But that's ok, because everyone always celebrates the 100th whatever. Poor, sad 101st always gets left out. So today we will celebrate the 101. Someday maybe we'll choose to celebrate 253. I'm pretty sure that one always gets forgotten.

Christmas Eve.

I know. I'm so far behind chronologically.

I'm not even in the right year.

Stay with me. We're almost current. :)

Somehow I've convinced my family that fun runs are fun and that we are a family of runners.

Is this true? the jury's still out on that one.

But in the meantime, we organized what we called, "Running in a Winter Wonderland."

T-shirts were made.

With a big snowflake on them.

Which is ironic because despite the fact that it was stinking cold when we actually did the run, it was clear as a bell, and later that day we had to turn the heater off and open windows because it was too warm in the house.

Maybe there should have been an asterisk next to the title with a note down at the bottom saying, "traditionally thought-of winter weather not included or guaranteed."


We braved the bitter California Christmas Eve morning cold to run about a mile and a half (with a rest stop halfway). And we looked good doing it, as evidenced below.

I have a fun family*.

The before.

Danny and Dylan. Already feeling victorious for simply managing to get David out of bed and on the family run.

Kari might have been cold.

Mom, The Moll, and Claire all looking good!

Action shots are always best. Right Dad?

Claire in her sweet ride wearing Auntie Kari's hat.

Kallie always managed to come in first. I wonder why? :)

Pulled a hammie?

Chad likes to chicken dance when he's on the home stretch.

Brad is looking very determined here.

Harlows are #1!

The aftermath.

*This asterisk is not a note on how fun my family is. It's to apologize for knowingly creating such a long post. But if you made it this far, you know the post was long. And, of course, thoroughly enjoyable. :)

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