Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just for Erin...

I won an award this week. I know! So exciting! Here it is:


Now...don't worry. This award was not given because I am an amazing blogger. It was given in the hopes that I would actually update my blog. So, Erin, thank you. After months of sitting and gathering proverbial dust on the internet, the Adventures of Jenn live again!

In oder to accept this high honor, I am now required to tell all of you faithful followers ten - count 'em TEN - things about myself that you may not know. Drum roll please.

1. I dislike cats. Cats that live in people's homes generally gross me out. The hair. The climbing on counter tops where food is prepared. Litter boxes. Gag me! I can't handle it. The only way I believe that I will ever own a cat is if I live on a large piece of land and the cat can live outside pretty much ALL the time. This will allow the cat to entertain any potential children and also kill any potential mice.

2. I am irrationally afraid of scuba diving. I am an excellent swimmer. I have been a lifeguard and swim instructor. But there is something that scares me to death about the thought of being that deep under water. Also the sharks scare me. The only true panic attack I can remember in my adult life came as we were getting ready to certify for a one-day baby scuba adventure. I couldn't even get through the flip-chart presentation. Bad.

3. It may sound silly, but I love living in Rancho Cordova. Maybe it's because I grew up in Stockton, but I feel totally at home here. Happy. :)

4. Even though I have been home from my mission for almost seven years (yikes! has it been that long?) I still sometimes miss it so much it hurts. I can sometimes feel what it was like to be there. The smells, the weather, the people. It makes me homesick for a country that's not even my home. Funny, huh?

5. Tonight, for the first time in my life, I dipped an Oreo cookie directly into my jar of peanut butter and then ate it. It was pretty much absolutely delicious. It definitely was not the last time I will do that in my life.

6. I'm a horrible dater. I know - shocking, but oh so true. I take set-ups, so if anyone knows any good men out there - let me know. :)

7. I own a safety orange colored couch sack. A couch sack is like a Snuggie, but instead of being a blanket, it has arms and legs and zips up the front. Now...I did not purchase this for myself. It was a gift from a dear friend and roommate when I was living in Utah. And though I probably would never have purchased it for myself, I'm really glad she got it for me! I used to use it in Utah, and that thing was so stinkin' warm. I'd put on a t-shirt and leggings and then the couch sack, and I was so toasty warm. I hate being cold in the winter.

8. I read the April Ensign today, so I am officially prepared to get married. The articles were good. I feel that I have internalized them, and now I'm set and ready to go. Only problem...see #6.

(This is hard! Do I really have to come up with two more things?! Is anyone even still reading?)

9. Sometimes when I run I love to listen to the theme song from the original show "Fame!" I always hope that this song comes up on my ipod when I'm on a trail by myself. This is because when I hear the part when they sing, "Fame!" or "I'm gonna learn how to fly - HIGH!" I feel that I need to leap in the air. Specifically on the words "Fame" and "High." So, if you ever see me running, and I leap and stretch out my arms, it's because I'm listening to this song, believing that "I'm gonna live forever! Baby remember my name. (Remember. Remember. Remember.)"

10. Just like Sandra Bullock in "Miss Congeniality," I really do want world peace.

Erin - how did I do?

More adventure updates soon friends!