Thursday, September 2, 2010

Canada - Part 1

Welcome to Vancouver! Apparently June is a little gloom in British Columbia, but it was a-ok. The sun finally broke through, and we very much enjoyed this city.

On our first full day, we took a water taxi from the main city to Granville Island to do some exploring. It was a fun market/shopping place. Here are Kari and David as we waited for the ferry.

Her we are entering the Public Market. This place was great, and filled with AMAZING looking food. We did not eat all of it, but we did find some samples.

Here I am with my cousin Emma. Sadly for Emma, Danny's family didn't come on the trip this year. I guess they thought that leaving the country with Mollie eight months pregnant with twins wasn't such a great idea. So instead of having Kallie to play with, Em got stuck hanging out with all of us adults again. Good thing we enjoy each other!

After shopping and lunch, we walked toward Stanley Park. Along the way we found a hill. Therefore, we needed to roll down it. These things just call to us. Dizzy, but well worth it.

Look at my cute parents holding hands while we walk along the coast. :)

It was kind of a long walk, but we finally made it to Stanley Park. Too bad we didn't realize how HUGE this park was! We only walked a small portion of it, but we did get to see the lawn bowling green.

My dad climbed a hill and took some shots of us walking.

Than we found SWINGS! Kari definitely liked the swings. Can you tell?

We have about a million swing shots. It's what happens when dad's camera has a sports mode. David twisted my swing.

Oh! That was the las picture that I uploaded tonight. I guess that brings us to the end of this post. Stay tuned for further installments. I'll try to come up with more witty commentary. :)

I'm off to Boise again tomorrow. We're driving, so any bets on how long before we drive each other crazy? Don't worry - I have packed a variety of dorky entertainment options. Laptop with two nerdy dvds, kindle, books, ipods with not only music but podcasts. I'm all set! Realistically...I'll sleep most of the time.