Sunday, April 25, 2010

If You Need a Good Laugh...

This happened a couple of years ago, but if you ever need something to bring some happiness to your day, go to you tube and search for "Jenn's Big Spill," or just click here. It never gets old. You should definitely listen to my sister's running commentary. It's funnier than my big spill. :) In my defense, it's really hard to ride one of those trike things, that was the first time I'd ever been on one, and though my family knew you weren't supposed to ride it on a hill, they had me try it on a hill.

Enjoy! I hope this brightens your week. :)


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adventure: Disney World

At the beginning of March, my youngest brother, David, and I hopped on a red-eye flight and ended up in Orlando, Florida. Our sister Kari lives there and works for Disney World. This was the first trip to Florida for both David and me, and it was FABULOUS!!!!! Kari knows her way around the parks like nobody's business, and we learned to just keep up with her. She was so fast. In fact, when David and I were on the trip home we had a quick connection (that ended up delayed) in Minnesota. As we were flying through the airport, I commented on his lightning speed. He just turned and said over his shoulder, "I've been training for this moment for the past three days." Too true.

We laughed a lot. We ate a lot. We bought matching t-shirts. Basically we had a magical amount of fun.

Thanks to Kari's creative genius, she managed to put three days worth of high-intensity Disney action into a 10-minute video. I think it's worth every minute, but if you're not into seeing other people's vacation footage, don't click here. Otherwise - watch. It will make you want to be in Florida right now.

My only word of caution: Do not - I repeat - DO NOT go on the dinosaur ride at the Animal Kingdom! It is SO scary!!!! If you watch the video you will see pictures of me and David literally trying to get on the floor of the ride to get away from the fake dinosaurs. Terrifying. Every other ride I went on was awesome. :)

Thanks, Kari, for being our fearless leader on this whirlwind trip. Here's to the Trifecta of Fun!