Sunday, June 12, 2011

What an Adventurous Week!

Holy moly! What a crazy busy week this has been! Not that you need a travel-log type blog from me, but I'm going to kind of give you one today. Sorry in advance.

Wednesday was a first for me. I DROVE a jet ski! It was not the jet ski pictured below, but it kind of looked like it. This was a spontaneous adventure for me. I got a call and we were on the way to the lake within 20 minutes. I didn't think I wanted to drive, but it really was pretty fun. I got up to 40 mph. I know - impressive. And the water wasn't even that cold when I got tossed off. :)

Then I got to go see Mary Poppins! The broadway musical came to Sacramento, so a few of us decided to buy the cheapest seats we could get and go see the show. It was terrific! Sorry about the blurry picture. It was the only one I took. And I wanted to prove that I was there.

I have also decided that most of my favorite musicals involve tap dancing. Not all - but definitely a good number of them. :) Now I'm totally ready for Music Circus starting in July (I usher then see the shows for free)!

Friday evening began the weekend of Young Women fun! Some of you may know that I work with the youth in our church - specifically the girls ages 12-18. We've kind of started the annual tradition of having a sleepover. At my house. I LOVE IT!!! I think it's so much fun to have everyone together. Eating, playing games, talking about boys, etc. It's very relaxed and just fun.

This year, however, the sleepover fell on the same weekend as our fundraiser for Girls Camp. Since we had some things to prep for the Saturday fundraiser, I didn't let the girls have dinner till the first phase was done. I'm so mean, huh?

Here's the hot dog roast. Hey - you make five batches of Oreo truffles, and I'll let you roast food over an open flame. I think it's a fair trade. We did struggle at first to get the fire going, but we are resourceful Girls Campers, and we made it happen.

This is how many people can sleep on my living room floor. I count 12 in this picture, and then I slept on the side of the couch where Amy's head is. 13. Not bad.

"If you girls stay up till 1:30/2:00 am and then wake up at 6:30, I am definitely going to make you cut ALL of the potatoes for the salad before I feed you breakfast!" That was my thought process in the morning. :) I have to say, even though they were up at the crack of dawn, they were delightful rays of sunshine while they were working. Look at those early morning smiles!

More potatoes! My roommate, Dana, said she couldn't believe how many people and potatoes we had working in the kitchen.

But...I did make a delicious pancake breakfast, as promised. Watermelon and bananas too.

The trampoline was definitely a huge hit!

We finished the sleepover at 10, and we met back up at the church at 2 for our take-out dinner fundraiser. We prepped about 150 dinners (wraps with either pasta or potato salad) and about 90 dessert boxes (gourmet cupcakes and/or the truffles and chocolate dipped pretzels). Then people came between 5 and 6 to pick them up. Huge success!

Here's a chocolate dipping station.

Faithfully cleaning some of the spilled chocolate.

Slicing bell peppers.

Packaging potato salad. And DJing. Hollie was one of our music gurus. :)
In the kitchen.

Our saving grace in the world of chocolate!

Having too much fun waiting for people to pick up orders. We played Catch Phrase in here toward the end. So hilarious!

We had more than a little left-over lettuce. :) And Jamie was kind enough to humor me with this picture.

Our curb-side deliverers. So cute! they put the "fun" in fundraiser! (horrible joke, I know)
It was a long week, and I am now officially exhausted. I have to say that I generally loathe the fundraiser. It's just not my fave. But we had an amazing coordinator, and the YW worked so hard, that it actually was a fun couple of days.

And now my thoughts are done and I must sleep. Maybe I'll eat another fundraiser cupcake first and then sleep. Hmm...They are REALLY good cupcakes. :)