Monday, November 28, 2011

Ten Thoughts In My Head Today

1. Man, 5:30 is early!

2. This tree sure drinks a lot of water. I really hope it lives through Christmas. Or at least through Saturday.

3. Why did I only bring healthy snacks to work with me?!

4. Ooh! I love getting my hair cut! And I'm glad we went with just the blonde this time.

5. Wow - you can definitely tell that I haven't been to the gym in a couple of weeks.

6. Would it kill them to put some fans in this gym?! I'm sweating like a pig! But I'm running surprising well for my recent lack of gym time. Well...running and walking. It's all cardio.

7. How are people buying tickets for Wicked already?! They weren't supposed to go on sale until Saturday! Drat those online codes!!!

8. If I eat a very healthy lunch then I don't have to feel bad when I just eat cereal or toast for dinner, right? Right.

9. Oh man! Has my slip really been showing like that all day? How embarrassing!

10. I love the little outdoor ice skating rink by my house. It's not New York City, but I still think it would be a fun little winter date to go there.


  1. Cereal and toast for dinner counts as unhealthy? WHAT? This is news to me!

    And I hate it when I figure out that pieces of my underclothing have been showing without me knowing it. I think, "Do I have NO friends who would tell me this?!"

  2. I KNOW! Granted, I was at work and maybe people don't think they can tell me these things, but come on! AND to make it worse, I was wearing black tights and the skirt was cream with a black band around the bottom, but because it was cream I wore a white slip. But with the black band and the black tights, the white slip was super noticeable. Oh well...

  3. HA I love how most of your thoughts begin with an interjection! Way to go, sis =) I'm the same way

  4. I am totaly impressed that you wore a slip. Seems like so many women never wear slips anymore.