Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Love Winning!

I am not the most competitive person in the entire world.


When I go to bridal or baby showers and have to play the games, I want to win them.

Not like I'm going to gauge someone's eyes to make sure that I get the prize, but I definitely put on my game face and get serious. Especially if the prizes are good.

I went to a shower on Saturday, and here are my spoils:

I also scored a butterfinger, but Ari used it for a dessert for the party, so I didn't get it in the shot. But that's a really nice candle! And I totally earned it. I mean, not to brag, but I totally killed it. Basically I brought my A-game and was totally AWE-some. It was a hard game.

Oh...and it was nice to celebrate the impending birth of the child of my friends too. :)

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  1. SHUT UP! I'm just like you in this regard. I want to win, win, win. The last baby shower I went to, I won ALL of the games. ALL OF THEM. Without cheating even. Then, I felt like I had to be magnanamous and distribute the prizes among the second placers so I didn't look as awesome as I actually am.